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Quick Thought: Gartner SSD Market Analysis


Chris Mellor did a quick write-up on some of the details in Gartner’s latest SSD market report.  The document, entitled “Market Share Analysis: SSD Component and SSD-Based Appliances, Worldwide, 2012″ was issued in June and if you’re so inclined can be purchased online. Some of the detail Chris showed, including Samsung’s  SSD dominance, is interesting, but what I found worthy ... Read More »

Managing Risk in IT


The IT debacle at RBS has highlighted the dependency large financial organisations (and other companies) have on their IT infrastructure.  From what has leaked out into the press, the RBS issue relates to a piece of software called CA-7, used for mainframe batch job scheduling. When I first started in IT in 1987, CA-7 (and it’s sister product CA-1, used ... Read More »

VAAI Posturing


With yet another HDS/VAAI post coming out from Scott Lowe (here), the irrelevant debate continues as to who is in and who is out of VMware’s inner circle of trusted storage vendors.  Previously my friend Stephen Foskett discussed HDS’s position regarding VMware integration in this post, which followed on from an original post by Chris Mellor (who I hope would ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Enters The Cloud

Yesterday Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) used SNW USA to release information on their proposed cloud strategy, referred to as “Agile Cloud”.  Everyone believes they need a cloud story and clearly Hitachi are no different. Taken from the presentation I was given last week, is the following picture.  This pretty much sums up Hitachi’s approach; make a virtue of the technology ... Read More »

The cuts are happening again

The Register has reported that some UK banks are forcing their contractors to take a 10% pay cut or take a hike. It is usual for contractors to take the hit first as they are an easy target compared to terminating permanent staff and to be fair, as a contractor/consultant myself, if the chop comes then so be it, it’s ... Read More »

5TB drives

I just read this on The Register. 5TB drives! Can you imagine it! The HDD manufacturers continue to push the envelope even further. Now I have a concern about drives getting to this size and that’s the ability to get data on/off the drive itself. With 73/146/300GB drives, the capacity to response time ratio is still within a tolerance that ... Read More »